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Victor O. Schwab’s How To Write A Good Advertisement is a book that’ll help improve your Facebook ads.  True to the subtitle, it’s a mini course in copywriting.

Below are my notes.  I’ll add insights, examples and suggestions pertaining to Facebook advertising whenever possible.

1) A good advertisement has five components:

  • Get attention
  • Show people an advantage
  • Prove it
  • Persuade people to grasp this advantage
  • Ask for action

The typical Facebook ad does the first, promises the second, then skips to the last.  Think about that.

2) Advertisers are intruders.  Nobody invited you into their newsfeed, for example.  Your ads, to stand a chance, must offer a reward for reading.  Otherwise it’s Scroll City, son.  (Buh-bye annoying ad.)

3) Good headlines can be positive, explaining how the reader can increase mental, physical, financial, social, emotional or spiritual stimulation, satisfaction, well-being or security; or negative, by pointing out how to avoid, reduce or eliminate risks, worries, losses, mistakes, embarrassment, discomfort, boredom, accident or illness.

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If you can make your words wobble and your sentences shimmy, you, my expert, can create high-ROI Facebook ads.

To do that, I recommend reading and writing–at least a little–every day.

One of the best books to start with is Joseph Sugarman’s The Adweek Copywriting Handbook.  I’m cruising through it for a second time this weekend and I thought I’d share some of my notes.  I’ll apply ’em to Facebook advertising when possible.  Enjoy.

1) Curiosity, life experience and a willingness to work are traits that make for a good copywriter.  Knowing everything about what you’re selling and the customers who’re buying it doesn’t hurt, either.  (Since you and I are essentially selling what we do best to people just like us, that’s automatic.)

2) Just get something down, even if it’s terrible.  Pen, meet paper.  Fingertips, meet keyboard.  (How you doin’?)  Get your repetitions in, and stop beating yourself up over every sentence.  Knock out a first draft and revise from there.  Rewriting is the essence of writing.

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